Mr Hops rates all 12 SierraNevada Beer Camp brews so you don’t have to… Victory Brewing takes the honors with Alt Route

Sierra_Nevada_Beer_Camp_Across_America_brochure_final_(2)_Page_2_1  First run of a quick and simple rating of all 12 beers from the beer camp mix pack… Read my detailed ratings here on Ratebeer.

Update 8/07/14 – I recently attended a tap takeover which featured all 12 of these beers on draft. I was thoroughly disappointed with each of the six I managed to sample, especially having specifically selected each of the collabs I rated highly from the sampler pack. I honestly suspect contamination of some kind in the lines or kegs due to how little I enjoyed any of them, but be that as it may I urge you to sample these on draft with extreme caution. Long story somewhat medium, my ratings above and on Ratebeer are for bottles and cans only unless otherwise specified.

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