Big name, wimpy beer WTF??? A brief tirade on a growing trend in naming craft beer…

Has this happened to you? You walk into your favorite beer store or maybe a new one you’ve just discovered and you see a label on the shelf you don’t recognize or a new beer from a known brewery or really any beer at all… as long as it has a stunning stellar aggressive name that wows your palate into reaching for your wallet. You take a chance, lured in by the promises of bold flavor and excessive whatever’ing only to find out it’s a completely wimpy passable miss?

This is happening more and more lately and I can only blame the successful growth of the craft industry in general. In most cases, a sale on a new product has nothing to do with the quality of what’s in the bottle. No one’s had it or heard of it. We all try new beer, but to intentionally take a very very mild beer and use marketing on your beer label to mislead rather than impress and inform? I can’t condone it and I find myself sitting on a growing pile of beer I won’t drink that’s just aging on the living room floor, waiting for me to either open them and pour them down the sink for the return or to find someone I like little enough to make them a gift.

[I encourage you to berate this point if you disagree and hopefully to add your latest discovery or just any warnings you may come across to the comments section. I am only going to call out a single specific brewer here because I feel they deserve it, and can take the criticism as it’s intended, to be constructive and with love from an adoring fan.]

RE Six Point Beast Mode. I LOVE nearly every beer these guys have made. Resin has been a favorite for years, but I also hunt down 3 Bean and Global Warmer, etc an array or bevy. So when I read they were releasing a Porter I got excited. A big bold flavorful hoppy porter, except that it wasn’t… and still isn’t. As a fan I decided to take the liberty of “busting their stones,” as it were to which I received a totally glossed over marketing friendly cookie cutter response aimed at both tongue in cheek admitting I was right and also declaring… “We want to sell this beer and stand by the name.” Really? You can’t see the risk to your integrity in denying you will occasionally make a very light and mild beer, totally out of character for the brewery and want to sell it? All of which would be fine if you warned the fans. It’s a very light bodied porter with no real standout flavor or aroma character, so maybe Light Brown would have been a better name?

They certainly weren’t the first, the last or even the most recent… sadly. And to be fair, I don’t dislike Beast Mode completely. I do, however think it’s extraordinarily light for such a kickin’ name and brewery. Today I took a chance on a beer I hadn’t heard of and found myself fooled again. I refuse to give up trying beers just because no one’s rated them, so I accept the casualties as they lay and grow in that near forgotten corner of the spot behind the couch. If I have offended Six Point or the folks who make CowPuncher or any of the really nice people at Iron Duke, I say to you only this… it’s always about the beer. To all brewers across the world, save your money and fire any junior marketing execs you’re paying to ‘grow your product’ and focus on maintaining legitimacy.


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