My top 3 favorite new beers of #2014 @baxterbrewing @TreeHouseBrewCo @TroegsBeer

beer_301141lil After an extraordinarily long hiatus from blogging and brewing I’ve decided a short piece on my top 3 new beers that I tried in 2014 was a perfect way to get back into the swing of things. I rated 122 new brews this year, not an outrageous or exhaustive effort by any stretch but I’m picky! Plus I’ve found too many that I love and can get locally and super fresh to always be trying something new, lol. I’m sure there are many that I missed, I mean honestly with the sheer volume of quality craft around it’s hard not to. Please feel free to share your take on my favorites and share any information and links you have related to your own.

#3 Tröegs Hop Knife (4.5/5) – I’ve decided fresh hop ales deserve a category slightly separate from traditional IPAs, in much the same way DIPAs and DIPLs are beyond the current BJCP style guidelines… The aroma is pungent, earthy, herbal with some citrus. The flavor follows, is somewhat mild, but solid. Finishes clean and bitter with a bit of a softer mouthfeel. If this beer lacks anything it’s a touch of crispness and maybe a bit more carbonation.

#2 Tree House Double Shot (4.8/5) – Absolutely delectable aroma and flavor. Lots of coffee and chocolate notes. Bitterness is tempered and balances nicely. My only complaint? Reminds me of Wormtown’s Norm, though slightly less decadent… but still left me wanting coconut!

#1 Baxter Bootleg Fireworks (4.8/5) – I really enjoyed this beer! It may very well be the best new beer I’ve tasted in a couple of years. The aroma is pungent and packed to the gills with southern hemisphere kiwi hops mixed maybe with a little El Dorado?. The flavor is again dominated by Galaxy and it’s cousins but there’s also solid grapefruit and citrus with a bit of earthy spice from something like Columbus added to Styrian Savinjski. I think they say there are 8 or more types of hops used. They blend well and don’t muddy each other! The malts only exist for ABV and color… say amen. Beats the hell out of Enjoy By…


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