What to Drink on Turkey Day: A Thanksgiving Beer Pairing in 5 Courses

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By now, Canadians are surrounded by signs of the harvest season: changing leaves, gourds on stoops and pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING. More importantly, the belt-expanding feast of Thanksgiving is fast approaching, leading many to turn their minds to menus. What kind of vegetables should I roast along with my 30 pound Butterball? How many ways can I hide kale in a dessert? Is there such thing as “too much gravy”? And most importantly: What should I drink with dinner? Sure, you could go with some variation of white wine with turkey, red wine with desert, but with the bounty of brews available in this great country, why not give thanks the proper way: with beer. Herewith, my suggestions for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner beer pairings.

Appetizer: Butternut Squash Soup with India Pale Ale

photo: nakedkitchen.com photo: nakedkitchen.com

The first course of any meal should warm up the palate and prepare your taste buds for the…

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