The Brewing Monks: A Brief History of the Trappist Order and Monastic Brewing

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The Ten Trappist Breweries

Updated & Edited 03/07/2014

The Trappist Decade

The last few years have been very active ones for the Trappist breweries.  Chimay celebrated its brewery’s 150 anniversary in 2012 with a special beer.  Stift Engelszell joined the ranks of Trappist breweries by achieving its certification in 2012 making it the 8th official Trappist Brewery.  Westvleteren sold a world-wide release of their famous 12 to raise much-needed funds.  Earlier this year, Orval announced that it would promote its Quality Assurance director to head brewer, making Anne-Françoise Pypaert the first Woman to head a Trappist brewery.  Chimay, in 2013, announced it would release its Dorée to limited accounts in Belgium as a test before seeking broader release.

2013 ended with the 9th Trappist brewery joining the fold when Zundert in the Netherlands released their Zundert Trappist Ale.  The 9th was quickly followed by the 10th when Spencer Abbey in Massachusetts released their Spencer Trappist Ale…

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