Epic hop blends flavor 2013 the year of Citra Simcoe and Mosaic

This was quite an amazing year for craft beer lovers. The growth of new breweries and novel brews from established industry leaders provided an unheralded bounty of hop forward masterpieces. Beer’s popularity has reached the point of supporting very creative experimentation, an increased focus on making use of fresh local ingredients and of course the ever-expanding hop footprint that now focuses more on flavor and less on IBU bragging rights. As I started to put together a list of my favorite new beers, ie those first brewed in 2013 that rated an A- or better, I noticed an obvious trend in the hops each brewer used. All but one is flavored with Citra hops and of these each contains some combination of Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic and Centennial hops. With some blending several strains and others using just a few or one, in each can be found an enjoyable pronounced peppery element very forward in the hop character. Kiwi hops, featured in Jack’s Abby’s epic DIPL Kiwi Rising, imbues a very similar aroma and flavor.

DirtWolf.CaseCard.2013.662x1024.000  Victory DirtWolf DIPA – “The aroma and taste are heady peppery hops with hints of pine resin. The malts and ABV nicely balance the pronounced bitterness. Almost too easy to drink.” (Hops: Citra, Chinook, Simcoe and Mosaic)

JAB.Kiwi.Rising.large  Jack’s Abby Kiwi Rising DIPL – “A masterpiece DIPL. The Kiwi hops add an absolutely delicious spicy aroma and peppery flavor. The palate and body are solid despite the beer looking very pale in the glass.” (Hops: Kiwi)

flipside2013_sellsheet_front  Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA – “Light floral aroma pairs nicely with very bold tropical fruit flavors and a solid bitter finish.” (Hops: Citra, Simcoe and Centennial)

GLOBAL.WARMER.e1378475708749.200x200  Sixpoint Global Warmer – “A novel winter seasonal IPA. Notes of watermelon, cherries and chocolate in the aroma and flavor, solidly bitter.” (Hops: Citra?)

TastingRoomBeer_Mid.CoastIPA  Boulevard Midcoast IPA – “The unique blend of hops gives this IPA diverse and complex flavors I’ve found nowhere else, with notes of earthy resinous pine blending nicely with just a touch of flowery citrus. Currently only sold in a mixpack, this beer warrants individual release.” (Hops: Topaz, CTZ, Centennial, Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic?)

With new hybrid hop strains being developed and tested faster than farmers can name them, it’s no surprise that what started as a Cascade craze has morphed into something more complex and epic. As hophead natural selection focusses more intently on flavor and less on overall bitterness, seemingly ideal blends and combinations of strains gain in popularity and deliberate use in brewing. Already at work on a new DIPA recipe, I’m excited to see how two of my favorite hops, Galaxy and Columbus, will play into the mix!


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