Hoppy Lagers from Jack’s Abby

jkoddbeer_159405 With Mass Rising and Kiwi Rising Jack’s Abby has achieved near perfection in an entirely new category of beer,  the Double India Pale Lager. By my count, this is their 3rd and 4th DIPL release and they by far exceed the previous two, ie The ABC’s and The 2nd Anniversary Lager, in both aroma and flavor. I was told at a tasting that in fact The 2nd Anniversary Lager and Mass Rising are the same exact recipe with just a slightly different hop timing. I believe it involved adding more Citra hops to the final swirl. In any case, I find the beers very different and one much preferable to the other. At this moment, however, Kiwi Rising is your best bet. It was just released and will be fresh on the shelves and very unlikely to be available for long.

The hop flavor intensity of both Mass Rising and Kiwi Rising immediately reminded me of early 2013 batches of Enjoy By, but of course they are both lagers so the finish is very different. There’s a lot of difference and variety in the flavors, but primarily the big punch seems to be a peppery earthy style that I’m really fond of. This is especially pronounced in KR thanks to the use of a newer hop strain from New Zealand, not coincidentally called… Kiwi.

Jack’s Abby has hit their stride with DIPLs and I think it boils down to two things. First, a slightly increased ABV, allowing a larger hop flavor profile without unbalancing the beer. Second, a much larger focus on flavor hops. Once or twice I’ve been lucky enough to sample their IPL, Hoponius Union, dry-hopped in a cask. A very similar big flavor and significantly better than the bottles I’ve tried. If you’re a hophead, but have been wary to try a lager, Kiwi Rising might be your new favorite beer. After taking home a medal at the GABF and exposing a larger audience to the idea of IPLs and DIPLs, Jack’s Abby has proven hopheads don’t have to avoid lagers. Try some soon, support the DIPL movement!


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