Why these guys are my 5 favorite breweries: @StoneBrewingCo @SierraNevada @WormtownBrewery @lostabbey @HillFarmstead

Let me start by saying I’m a big fan of a very large number of breweries. The included list is not meant to slight or exclude anyone else’s favorites. Palates will differ, evolve, and vary. That’s part of what makes the craft industry able to support the littlest nanobreweries popping up in your neighborhood. My only real advice? Try more beer!

So without any further ado, my 5 favorite US breweries for 2013

#1 @StoneBrewingCo: Looking for a DIPA? Every single one they make is great. Prefer a summer IPA brewed with coconut or maybe one with a little heat? They’ve got you covered. No other brewery has managed to simultaneously be both so ingeniously creative and consistently flavorful. The bistro, movie night, giant board games, these are normal guys who make amazing brew. Although located in California, I have no trouble getting even their select releases in quantity here in MA. Examples: RuinTen, EnjoyBy, R&R Coconut IPA

#2 @SierraNevada: Masters of the hop forward ale. Their best tend to be annual seasonal and regional hop showcases that never fail to impress. These brews demonstrate an amazing variety of distinct flavors and aromas. Celebration 2012 may be the single best beer I’ve ever tasted. Examples: Celebration, Estate Ale, Northern and Southern Hemisphere Harvest, Torpedo

#3 @WormtownBrewery: A local brewery here in MA that’s managed to brew the two best new beers I’ve tried this year. You haven’t had their Be Hoppy IPA or Hopulence DIPA? Go to a store now, fly in if need be. Hopulence in particular will be getting easier to find as it was recently promoted to a year round release!

#4 @lostabbey: Mongo! Ok I could go on, but honestly this is the single best all-around DIPA on the planet. I tried it many years ago and find it still matches up against even the latest and greatest hopmonsters. As and added bonus, for some reason this beer has an unexpectedly long and forgiving shelf life for its style. In other words, if you find a bottle in the store with dust on it, don’t panic it will still impress.

#5 @HillFarmstead: These guys have turned upstate Vermont into Mecca for beer geeks. Although highly difficult to find outside of the brewery itself, everything they make seems to take over one of the top 3 spots by style on every brew rating website.


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Avid homebrewer and craft beer taster. I love all the hops I can get. #hops #ipa #iipa #ipl #porter #dipa #specialtyale #saison #craftbeer western mass · mrhopsbeertalk.wordpress.com

3 Responses to Why these guys are my 5 favorite breweries: @StoneBrewingCo @SierraNevada @WormtownBrewery @lostabbey @HillFarmstead

  1. bolanrox says:

    @sierranevada and @lostabbey are two of my favorites as well. Stone has honestly impressed with everything of theirs that I have tried. Maine Beer Co is another one of my personal top picks.

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